From Feral Hippie Child to CBD Entrepreneur

Posted by Brant Reiter / Velobar on Jul 5th 2020

From Feral Hippie Child to CBD Entrepreneur

When I was a barefoot commune kid hoeing weeds in our organic garden in the early 70s, I never would have imagined that marijuana would ever be legal, much less that I would eventually start a CBD edibles company. (If you're inclined to check out our stance on marijuana legalization, I've written about that here.) I also couldn't possibly have imagined that along the way I would morph from feral hippie child to punk rock teenager, and from there to Japanese interpreter, film and television producer, and medical marijuana processor. But looking back and connecting the dots, in a strange way it actually all seems to make perfect sense.

So when my good friend Manny Chevrolet invited me to be a guest on his long-running Troubled Men podcast, it seemed like a great opportunity to tell the whole freewheeling Velobar story from start to finish.

So grab a cocktail, eat a CBD protein bar, or do whatever else floats your boat, and check out Troubled Men Episode #111 Brant Reiter Cannabis Pioneer OUT FROM THE WILDERNESS. I start running my mouth off at about the 17 minute mark.

And as an added bonus - if you're curious about any of the music from the time periods we look back on in the podcast (early 70s to late 80s), check out this playlist for a musically-enhanced Full Trouble Experience.

And...shameless plug alert!! As we mention in the podcast, you can take 15% OFF any Velobar product you see below by entering the discount code TROUBLEDMEN15 at checkout. As always, shipping is free. Cheers, Troubled Nation.