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VELOBLOG | CBD, Superfoods, and Wellness

  • Does CBD Work for Everyone?

    The simple answer, based on my own personal experience and several years of study is: No, CBD does not work for everyone. But I think the more important -- and useful -- question is: Will CBD work for YOU? And that's a big part of the reason why we created Velobar. We made a great-tasting CBD product at an affordable price-point ($4.99 for a 25mg serving) with healthy superfood ingredients so people wouldn't have to spend upwards of $100 on a tincture, or eat a piece of junk food loaded with sugar, to find out if CBD worked for them. We wanted to give folks a consistently-dosed, third-party tested, plant-based snack food that delivers pure hemp-derived CBD in a healthy, delicious way. 
  • From Feral Hippie Child to CBD Entrepreneur

    When my good friend Manny Chevrolet invited me to be a guest on his long-running Troubled Men podcast, it seemed like a great opportunity to tell the whole freewheeling Velobar story from start to finish.

    So grab a cocktail, eat an edible, or do whatever else floats your boat, and check out Troubled Men Episode #111 Brant Reiter Cannabis Pioneer OUT FROM THE WILDERNESS.

  • THIS PLANT ENDS RACISM: Why the CBD & Cannabis Industries are Catalysts for Positive Social Change through Racial Justice

    Back in 1981, right around the time Nazi skinheads were putting their stink all over the LA punk rock scene, I went to check out a Bob Marley tribute concert at MacArthur Park. People of all colors were passing joints around in the crowd, and I remember feeling how the music and ganja brought all of us together in a spirit of unity and brotherhood. It made me realize how this plant really did bring people of all races together. But it certainly came with risks. A few moments after my ganja-inspired epiphany, I noticed a police sniper patrolling the rooftop of a building directly behind us. I'd been going to punk shows for a couple of years at that point, and had witnessed riots and violence, and yes, plenty of cops. But I'd never seen snipers before. To me, it felt like the LAPD was taking the stance that breaking down racial barriers and coming together in a spirit of brotherhood was more of a threat than a bunch of angry white kids beating the crap out of each other at punk shows.
  • Can You Take CBD If You're Sober?

    I don't think there's any argument about the fact that THC is a mind-altering substance, and for that reason alone my position is that people who are sober should avoid it. Period Full Stop. But what about CBD? Here's where I think the discussion needs to become a bit more nuanced. Is it possible that THC's non-psychotropic cousin CBD could have powerful mental health benefits, without leading to relapse or addiction?
  • Damn Right Food Workers are Essential - They Deserve a Living Wage and a Safe Workplace

    Velobar is my own way to carry on my mom's legacy, to try and make the world even just a little bit better. One of the things putting a new product out into the world lets you do is get up on a soapbox and try to get people's attention. So for what it's worth, the soapbox I'd like to get up on today is the #fightfor15 movement. If you haven't done so already, please consider going to their website and signing a petition to protect workers' rights.

    And of course...we wouldn't be Velobar if we didn't put our money where our mouth is! To show our support for workers who truly are essential, we've been running a 50% OFF promotion for health workers, food workers, and workers in the CBD and medical marijuana industriesIf you're a worker in one of these essential industries, you deserve a break! Relax and take 50% off your order of any Velobar product with the discount code CBDISESSENTIAL50.

  • Can Vegans eat Velobar CBD Protein Bars?

    Yes #veganfam, Velobars are Vegan. At Velobar, we try to live lovingly on the planet. Our plant-based CBD snack bar is a natural extension of that basic outlook. By delivering a natural sense of calm and well-being through cannabinoids and healthy vegan superfoods, we are practicing “right action” in our own small way. We'd like to send a warm shout-out to our newest retail partner, Billion Vegans. Billion Vegans is an online superstore where you can find an immense variety of carefully curated products - reviewed, certified and recommended by a staff of dedicated vegan practitioners.
  • Looking for the Best Information on CBD, Sleep, and Anxiety?

    I run a CBD edibles company, so you can be sure I make it a priority to keep up on the latest news and information about cannabidiol and related cannabinoids. I recently came across this article and was really impressed. My main takeaways from the article were:
    • CBD may help with sleep because it reduces anxiety
    • CBD is safe if taken at appropriate dosage levels (that's why there's 25mg CBD per serving in Velobars!)
    • More research is necessary to gain a better understanding of exactly how and why CBD works in the body
  • Is the CBD Industry Essential?

    In times like these, with so many people suffering from the stress and anxiety of trying to keep their heads above water financially while sheltering in place separated from friends, family and loved ones, we believe the CBD industry is essential. To all the frontline workers out there putting their own safety at risk to keep us well-nourished and healthy, we want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for the essential work you do every day. To show our appreciation, if you're a frontline worker who could use some healthy CBD to get through your day, or a worker in the CBD or medical marijuana industry, email us for a 50% OFF discount on all VELOBAR products. 

  • Now More Than Ever...Weight Management is Essential for Health and Immunity

    If you’re finding it difficult to meet your fitness goals and keep the weight off under lockdown, you’re not alone. Lots of people are struggling to keep off that #quarantine15, and it’s not just for vanity’s sake -- there’s some new evidence that obesity may be linked to severe Coronavirus disease, especially for younger people.

    To help you meet your weight management goals and avoid stress eating, use discount code HEALTHYSNACKANDCHILL15 at checkout to take 15% OFF your order! 

  • Damn Right Velobars are Organic. Here’s Why.

    When I decided to start Velobar, there was never any question that all our food ingredients were going to be organic. If we were going to be delivering the wellness of plant medicine, you can bet we were going to do it in a healthy way. And when I say “healthy,” I don’t just mean healthy for our bodies. I also mean “healthy” for our planet - specifically, the natural ecosystems that keep us all alive, and that we as stewards of Mother Earth are duty-bound to nurture and protect for future generations.
  • Do CBD edbiles help with anxiety?

    Do CBD edibles help with anxiety? We turned to one of America's foremost experts on hemp and marijuana,Dr. Staci Gruber, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, to learn more.
  • VELOBAR 2.0 The Road to Peanut Butter

    Behind-the-scenes look at how a scrappy little CBD protein bar company (that's us, natch!) created the best-tasting high-protein CBD snack bar on the market.