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    "We did a 50+ mile hike over five days, and the bars were really great for weary sore muscles."

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    Stock up on VELOBAR CBD bars for your next adventure!

  • Is VELOBAR CBD right for you?

    We think 20mg of pure CBD is just the right amount for relaxation and recovery. For us, we find it relieves stress and anxiety, and encourages a calmer, lighter mood. We also experience a relaxing body sensation, and better sleeping patterns. We like to eat a VELOBAR CBD bar after an intense workout, or after a long day of hiking, biking, or climbing, to help ease sore and tired muscles. We also find it to be a great compliment to yogatai chimeditation, and massage.
  • CBD Nutrition for Relaxation and Recovery

    INSTANT ZEN | Featuring Nature's ultimate soother, Velobar CBD can help quiet your mind and relax without any psychoactive effects (translation: it won't make you high). It's perfect for unwinding after a super hectic workday or an overdone workout.