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Can CBD help with Weight Management? My personal story.

A few months ago, my doctor told me I was 30 pounds overweight. Having always thought of myself as a healthy person, this news came as a shock. Determined to get myself back on track, I made a few important changes. First, I reduced my intake of sugars and starches. I also started exercising more. But as the owner of a CBD protein bar company, I had one more trick up my sleeve: an unlimited supply of Velobars! I started replacing what had previously been a heavy dinner with a VelobarCBD protein bar after my workout. This great-tasting meal replacement gave me plenty of healthy plant-based vegan protein to replace the meal, AND 20mg of CBD to ease my sore muscles and help me sleep like a baby. The result? Three months later, I had lost the 30 pounds, and today, I'm still keeping the weight off. VelobarCBD isn't the only reason I've been able meet my weight management goals, but it certainly does help.

This experience has been so positive for me, that I want to help YOU meet your weight management goals too. Use the promo code VELOFIT to take 15% OFF your next order, and make VelobarCBD part of YOUR healthy lifestyle!

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