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Damn Right Velobar Supports Marijuana Legalization - Here's Why

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in five states this election season - Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, and (for medical only) Mississippi. 

Velobar supports those measures, and here's why:

  • Job Creation
  • Millions of dollars in tax revenue for vital public services
  • Tax savings of millions of dollars per year 
  • Focus law enforcement on more serious and violent crimes
  • End disproportionate arrests of young, Black, and Hispanic people

Although Velobar products are made from hemp, not marijuana, we originally started as a marijuana-infused edible for medical patients in Oregon. So, we’ve always been strong advocates for marijuana legalization.

Let’s stop wasting our tax dollars locking up young people over a plant. Instead, let’s build a safe, regulated cannabis market that will create jobs, save money, promote racial equity, and provide high-quality marijuana products for responsible adults to enjoy.

At Velobar, we don't just flap our gums on social media. We'll be hitting the streets in New Jersey this week, handing out pamphlets to drum up support for a YES vote on Public Question #1, the legalization of marijuana.

If you see us out there, give us a smile or a wave, and let us know you'll be joining us in supporting this long-overdue reform.

Yours in solidarity -

The Velobar Team

Velobar supports the legalization of marijuana and a YES vote on Public Question #1 in New Jersey

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