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Damn Right Velobars are Organic. Here’s Why.


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We’re mighty proud of the fact that Velobar is a plant-based high-protein snack delivering hemp-derived CBD in a healthy way. “Plant-based” is (rightfully!) all the rage these days, as more and more people - vegetarians and omnivores alike - try to eat more vegetables and fewer animal products to stay healthy and keep up resistance to disease. But I think what can get overlooked a little bit sometimes is how important it is for our food to also be organic

Nowadays you can walk into any grocery store and find shelves and shelves full of organic items. But those of us of a certain generation can remember a time when “organic” was a pretty radical idea, and the only way to eat organic was to shop at a hippie food co-op...or grow it yourself. 

That’s me and my mom on our commune back in the Spring of 1973, planting seeds for our first crop of organic cucumbers. At the time I was just a kid, so I was more focused on the excitement of planting crops and watching them grow than I was about the ideological underpinnings of the Back to the Land Movement. As I grew older, I started to enjoy the immense feeling of satisfaction that came from harvesting and eating the food we grew ourselves, with the strength of our own hands and the sweat of our own brows. And there was plenty of sweat, believe me! We tried to live lightly on Mother Earth, relying on our own labor (and that of our well-loved farm animals, as you can see from the picture below) instead of machines. 

We also insisted on using natural plant-based bug repellents that we found in the Whole Earth Catalog instead of chemical pesticides. Those organic bug-repellents didn’t always work out as planned, and we did lose a few veggies to the bugs and worms sometimes, but at least we knew we weren’t ingesting any harmful chemicals. Growing and eating organic food was just the underlying ethos of our entire way of life.

Whole Earth Catalog

Decades later, when I decided to start Velobar, there was never any question that all our food ingredients were going to be organic. If we were going to be delivering the wellness of plant medicine, you can bet we were going to do it in a healthy way. And when I say “healthy,” I don’t just mean healthy for our bodies. I also mean “healthy” for our planet - specifically, the natural ecosystems that keep us all alive, and that we as stewards of Mother Earth are duty-bound to nurture and protect for future generations.

Although the politics of cannabinoid prohibition have prevented the hemp and marijuana industries from being able to put the USDA ORGANIC logo on our products, you can rest assured that we only work with CBD suppliers who use the same best practices organic farmers do. And of course the rest of our food ingredients (except Sea Salt, which is a mineral and therefore outside the scope of an “organic” appellation) are all organic.

So I guess the bottom line is, you can take the kid out of the commune, but you can’t take the commune out of the kid. But seriously -- it’s not just me. Somehow, even through all the tumultuous twists and turns our world has gone through since the hippie days, and even though a lot of the ideals of that era have been pooh-poohed by later generations (we don’t see a lot of free love adherents nowadays, that’s for sure), for some reason the simple idea of sustainable farming without the use of harmful chemicals has only grown stronger and more mainstream over the years. And at Velobar, we’re going to keep it that way…’natch!

Velobar CBD protein bar

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  • Love the taste, texture and “naturally occurring” sweetness as these taste good. Great ingredients which is rare. Good snack after a hill run



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