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Is CBD safe?


Yesterday, the FDA sent out a new round of warning letters to 15 companies that were making disease claims about CBD products.  We commend the agency for its continuing vigilance against this illegal practice that threatens consumer safety and undermines confidence in the hemp industry.
However, accompanying these announcements was new public guidance from the FDA that we believe severely overstates the health risks of hemp-derived CBD and that ignores much of the scientific evidence of CBD’s safety, in particular at dosage levels typically found in foods and dietary supplements.  Further, without sufficient scrutiny or public input, the FDA makes a broad statement that it cannot conclude that CBD is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), undermining its status as a food ingredient. 

We agree wholeheartedly with the position of the U.S. HEMP ROUNDTABLE on this important issue. Consumers have a right to know that the CBD in our products is safe. And, particularly at the dosage levels found in our products, we firmly believe that it is. 

After four years of having an award-winning healthy CBD protein bar out in the market, and after talking with probably well over a thousand people at in-store demos, farmers markets, and seasonal festivals where our product is sold, it is my firm belief that CBD is doing a lot of good for a lot of people. One thing I've learned from talking with so many people is that CBD does different things for different people. Some folks say it helps with stress or pain relief. Others say it's great for sleep. Still others report getting a mood uplift, improved focus, or just a calmer outlook on life. But could CBD also have negative health effects that we're not yet aware of? 

Due to decades of senseless hemp and cannabis prohibition, we unfortunately do not yet have the long-term studies we need to be able to definitively answer that question. Hopefully with the loosening of restrictions on medical research, we'll start getting some of those answers soon.  But for the time being, it is our hope that the FDA adequately studies the findings of the scientific community, particularly with regard to products at dosage levels such as ours (well under 100mg/serving) that we firmly believe are well within the range of being safe for human consumption.

We will continue working with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable and other industry groups to ensure that our high-quality CBD products are safely providing the benefits our customers are seeking.


Brant Reiter, CEO



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