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Is the CBD Industry Essential?

In the new era of life under COVID-19, state and local governments have been forced to make hard choices about which sectors of the economy can legitimately be considered essential enough to stay open. Although CBD retail shops in some locations were shut down by local authorities, generally speaking, hemp and medical marijuana businesses have been allowed to continue serving their customers. Why? Because the products and services we provide truly are essential! In times like these, with so many people suffering from the stress and anxiety of trying to keep their heads above water financially while sheltering in place separated from friends, family and loved ones, some of the many benefits CBD may provide include:

  • mood regulation and relaxation
  • sleep
  • joint and muscle pain
  • help with substance abuse disorders
  • sports recovery
  • focus

For more detailed information about ongoing studies and clinical trials, we recommend looking into the work of Dr. Staci Gruber at the MIND Project.

VELOBAR is proud to be a part of the CBD health and wellness movement. By providing CBD in a healthy way, we combine the healing powers of hemp with the natural goodness of high-protein plant-based superfoods such as pumpkin seeks, chia seeds, flax seeds, and (of course!) hemp seeds. 


But we don't just want to toot our own horn! There are so many other workers in other fields providing the essential products and services we all need to keep going during this difficult time. To all the frontline workers out there putting their own safety at risk to keep us well-nourished and healthy - from doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers to farm workers, restaurant cooks, and grocery store employees - we want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for the essential work you do every day. To show our appreciation, if you're a frontline worker who could use some healthy CBD to get through your day, or a worker in the CBD or medical marijuana industry, email us to receive a 50% OFF Discount Code on all VELOBAR products. We've been so moved by all you do for us, we want to return the favor in some small way to show our deepest respect and gratitude. Thank you, and Nom Nom OM!

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