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The idea for VELOBAR CBD came to me after a beautiful but exhausting ride on an Oregon bike trail. Sliding my bike back into the shed, I thought to myself “My legs are sore, and I’m hungry. Wouldn’t it be great if I could have a protein bar and some CBD right now?”

At the time, CBD was mostly available in forms that were expensive, unappealing, and difficult to use, like oils, tinctures and gel caps. There was nothing on the market that was quick, convenient, and most of all, satisfying. So I said to myself -- “why not a CBD protein bar?”

What followed was a painstaking process of creating the perfect CBD protein bar. I insisted on a few non-negotiable principles:

  • It had to taste better than any protein bar on the market, with or without CBD
  • It had to have high protein content from natural superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds, instead of processed protein like whey, soy, or casein
  • All food ingredients had to be organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and Vegan
  • Consistency of dosage, using 100% pure CBD and no THC

Several years and countless ups and downs later, VELOBAR CBD is now a great-tasting CBD protein bar providing plant-based relief in a healthy way to people all around the world.

We truly believe VELOBAR CBD is the best-tasting and most effective CBD protein bar on the market. Try it for yourself after a hike, bike ride or workout -- or when you just want a grab-and-go moment of “instant zen."

We love to hear feedback from our customers -- let us know what your VELOBAR CBD experience was like!

VELOBAR CBD Co-Founder and CEO

Brant Reiter