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Our Story

The founders of Velobar saw THC a little differently. Instead of just a fun recreational drug, they believed in the holistic properties of cannabis and its medicine-like ability to help soothe the body, mind and spirit. When they couldn’t find yummy yet healthy edibles on the market, they committed to creating their own.

The very first line of Velobars were introduced as an alternative to sugary sweet edibles like gummies and candy. Targeted at the health-conscious, they featured delicious superfoods like dark chocolate and nuts combined with THC from medical marijuana. One of the very first Velobars--and the line’s biggest seller—contained CBD without THC, so it provided the same sense of calming relaxation without the “high” from THC.

Soon, the founders discovered a new form of CBD extracted from sustainable botanicals, not from cannabis or hemp and created Velobar CBD. This meant anyone, in any state, could now enjoy the pleasure, relaxation, and inspiration provided by CBD without visiting a dispensary or breaking their state’s laws.

Velobar CBD is a delicious high-protein bar with a perfect blend of nutritious superfoods combined with pure, sustainably sourced CBD (and zero THC). Enjoy the instant zen of CBD in a healthy way wherever you go and wherever you live.