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Velobar CBD Customer Testimonials

VELOBAR Soothes My Joints and is Yummy

I'm a fairly regular THC loady, and the effects of CBD products on me is virtually unnoticeable. When I travel, I carry no contraband - who needs that risk? - and, as a consequence, I "dry up." Since I'm an old man, my aches and pains reappear. I am no fan of pain; you just have to suck it up and live your daily life.

I happened to visit a friend who gave me a few VELOBARs from his kitchen saying "You'll like these." Back at our hotel I was hungry, so I ate one. I was pleased to find it quite tasty, a good health food even without CBD, and it relieve my hunger.

Much to my surprise, I actually felt the CBD kick in. I was relaxed and felt considerable relief from my regular aches and pains AND I was not high (a good thing). I realized I could diminish my THC dependency by interspersing my THC comestibles with your delicious VELOBARs. Voilà. And thanks for creating such a useful and delicious health bar.


Awesome and Delicious!!

Velobar is by far my favorite protein source right now!! It’s vegan and all good stuff; everything is organic and delicious plus 20mg of CBD!! In my opinion this is the best post-yoga/workout snack!! I feel how the amazing CBD works on my muscles after training! I love Velobar!!


Great Tasting Bar!!

These bars have a very sweet and refreshing taste and leave you feeling replenished after a good workout or anytime you are in need of a healthy option. No chalky taste or chewiness that some Bars are plagued with, these Bars really bring out a nice flavor with the Dates and chocolate. These are also a great snack at night as the CBD helps provide a restful sleep!!


Great Tasting Bar

I'm a peanut butter fan so I was immediately attracted to this bar. I wasn't disappointed. It had all the body and flavor I expect, plus the advantage of being a relaxer at the same time. I would say this is a home run for Velobar.


So good

I sampled this bar at a trade show and have been waiting and monitoring for its commercial rollout so i can buy a box of them. Yes, I’ve been stalking a protein bar lol. It’s crazy delicious — not too sweet, with a dense And satisfying texture — and the cbd helps after a workout or to wind down after a hectic day.